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The following are the instance rules as loosely adapted from mastodon.social :

+ No branded accounts. That means you, Arby's.
+ No cross-posting en masse from Twitter without said user's consent (though I suggest maybe don't cross post from Twitter unless you actively use this server as well.)
+ Untagged "lewd" content such as kink art, pornography, sexual content - please use CWs.
+ Depictions of real life violence or death, untagged or otherwise, is not allowed. No news footage, no screenshots, nothing. Fictional gore (games, film) or artistic depictions of excess violence must be tagged behind a content warning.
+ If you post art you MUST source it unless you cannot find one even after utilizing an image search feature (such as Google).

You will be warned and potentially suspended:
+ Are racist repeatedly
+ Are sexist repeatedly
+ Discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation
+ Espouse xenophobic, nationalist, or anti-refugee/anti-immigrant views

You will be immediately banned if you post:
+ Sexual content of children, even if it's an artistic depiction (i.e. loli porn)
+ Posts that promote white supremacy or National Socialism (Nazi)

Things you are encouraged to put behind content warnings:
_Negative feelings relating to mental health
_Anything TMI
_Discussion of US politics at length

Things that are mandatory to put behind content warning:
_Suicidal ideation or discussion of suicidal ideation/attempts
_Anything lewd
_Anything relating to kink
_Blatant spoilers
_Discussion of upsetting current events such as mass shootings, terrorist attacks, genocide, etc

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