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Okay here are instance rules, they are basically common sense and pretty standard for Mastodon as a platform:

dont really know what to do with these feelings. I just want to throw everything I own in the garbage and run into the night screeching never to be seen again.

I feel like a burden. I feel like I have no worth. And it's really rough. I just kind of hate myself. I feel like I just sort of... I dunno. Complicate other people's lives.

it is a common misconception that one human year equals seven dog years. however, in reality dogs and humans orbit the sun at the same speed.

I keep confusing @masklayer and @daylight and I don't know why because their avvies are very distinctly colored

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I should have some sweatpants with the text OVERSIZE LOAD on the butt

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UC Irvine researchers have found that bonnethead sharks are omnivores: they can get a substantial portion of their nutrition from seagrass instead of eating animals. :weirdfish:

so when i get disillusioned with the pig hole

arm and hand movement gives my ADD brain something to anchor on to and watch when I'm having a hard time focusing in on only spoken word.

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Jack in to the matrix! Yeah reboot buddy hack the planet!