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Okay here are instance rules, they are basically common sense and pretty standard for Mastodon as a platform:

@bugpaws if folks from blacklodge do sign up over here, please mention that in your sign-up message so I know where you're from!

This instance is officially shutting down as of August 1st, 2019. I'm renewing for one more month in case anyone needs to back up data or migrate but this is it.

I'm guessing it won't be a problem cause nobody actively uses this anymore.

Thanks for the memories! If you want to stay on masto and move elsewhere, I recommend as an instance that I think would be most suitable for my users.

dont really know what to do with these feelings. I just want to throw everything I own in the garbage and run into the night screeching never to be seen again.

I feel like a burden. I feel like I have no worth. And it's really rough. I just kind of hate myself. I feel like I just sort of... I dunno. Complicate other people's lives.

it is a common misconception that one human year equals seven dog years. however, in reality dogs and humans orbit the sun at the same speed.

I keep confusing @masklayer and @daylight and I don't know why because their avvies are very distinctly colored

Mild injury 

I should have some sweatpants with the text OVERSIZE LOAD on the butt

Sui, graphic description of suicide 

UC Irvine researchers have found that bonnethead sharks are omnivores: they can get a substantial portion of their nutrition from seagrass instead of eating animals. :weirdfish:

so when i get disillusioned with the pig hole

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The Black Lodge

Jack in to the matrix! Yeah reboot buddy hack the planet!